Dr. Touchet is a compassionate, dedicated and attentive doctor. Her treatments and approaches to healing worked very well for me and helped me overcome several health concerns. After acupuncture sessions, I would always feel wonderfully relaxed and “de-stressed”. The herbal formulations that were recommended to me were very effective and I often would notice a shift in my body within a few days of beginning the herbal formulations. I felt comfortable discussing with her very private details about my health and always felt respected and heard. I would recommend Dr. Touchet to anyone seeking a well-cultivated and gifted healer! ~MW

Dr. Touchet is a remarkable doctor. The breadth and depth of her knowledge combined with her incredible compassion lead to me feeling wonderfully cared for during and after each and every appointment we have had. Dr. Touchet provides me with individually tailored treatment plans that work for my lifestyle and effectively address my health concerns.  Seeing Dr. Touchet has greatly increased my overall health and has left me feeling empowered as an active participant in my treatment. ~LB

I had been struggling for years with chronic health problems from which I could find little relief even after seeing dozens of doctors.  Mine was a complicated case because my symptoms were all over the map.  I was chronically fatigued, I couldn’t sleep, I was reactive to everything I ate, I had strange panic attacks, and my mind was is a constant fog.  I was so ill for so long, I’d forgotten what it was like to feel well.  Feeling terrible had become my norm.  I had all but given up hope when a friend recommended that I see Dr. Touchet.  In a short time span of working with her, the clouds began to lift, and I began to have more energy and clarity. I started having days where I felt like my old self again.  Now I am my old self again.  I feel so grateful to Dr. Touchet for helping me get my life back.  I can never thank her enough. ~SL

I love Dr. Touchet.  She is caring and compassionate, and I always feel that she leaves no stone unturned when looking for a treatment that works.  I’m continually amazed and impressed at how knowledgable she is.  And she is a doctor who I don’t just see in order to treat me when I’m sick; she is a partner in my health, and that health is improving all the time. ~AM, Portland Oregon